Physical Development Case Study

Case Study on Physical Development:

Physical development is the long-term process which embraces physical, psychological, behavioural and emotional development of the human body from the moment of birth to the human death. Physical development is divided into the age periods for the improvement of the accuracy of the research of the changes in the human organism with the run of time.

Physical development touches upon numerous aspects of the human life and several sciences focus on this process, for example, physiology, psychology, sociology and other disciplines observe the process of development from different points of view. Psychology focuses on the human emotions and behaviour, mental abilities and psychological reactions of the human being in different situations.

Sociology dwells on the social interpersonal communication and cooperation with the purpose to help one find his own place in the society.

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Physical development studies primarily the anatomic peculiarities of the human body on the way on its growth. The human body survives numerous changes during its growth. For example, if one compares the proportions and size of the new-born and the grownup man, he will see that the new-born has absolutely different proportions – his head is much bigger and the limbs are shorter. With the run of time the child’s body obtains the proportions of the grownup human and it happens approximately at the age of 18-20. The body and its systems (cardiovascular, digestion, nervous, reproductive, musculoskeletal, etc) do through numerous changes on every stage of the human development. The child physical development is probably the most dramatic period which is divided into new-born, infant, toddler, preschooler, school age and adolescence. After that there are periods which characterize the development of the grownup mature person.

Physical development is the problem which is characterized with the observation and study of the changes the human organism survive in the process of its growth and the student is expected to learn about every period of this process in detail in order to be able to observe the issue successfully. The student is supposed to pay attention to the cause and effect of the problems with psychical development and think about the adequate solution to the suggested problem. The case study has to be informative and touch upon the most essential aspects of the matter on physical development.

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