Case Study on Acute Stress Disorder

Acute Stress Disorder Case Study:

Acute stress disorder is the state of the strong anxiety and other symptoms which occur after a shocking accident which has affected the victim’s psychics negatively. the brightest examples of acute stress disorder occur after the tragic experience faced by an individual who has witnessed a car accident, air crash, the fire, the death of a great number of people or a close person. The person experiences the symptoms of the disorder during the first month after the tragic event and they are associated with anxiety, numbing, dissociative amnesia, etc. Amnesia is quite a common symptom after the strong shock, because the human mind wants to get rid of the stressing image of the irritant which causes harm to the human psychics. The irritant is forgotten and the person does not remember what has caused her chronic stress and constant anxiety. The negative side of the acute stress disorder is the risk of the development of the disorder into something more serious, for example, posttraumatic stress disorder.

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Most often the disorder does not last long. It is possible that the person will suffer from the shock from two days to four weeks and the disorder disappears without the third person’s help. Of course, if the patient is not able to cope with the problem himself, he is able to apply for help of the professional psychologist who would treat acute stress disorder with the help of the cognitive therapy, relaxations and personal conversations with the patient in order to reduce stress.

Acute stress disorder is a serious problem which can be observed by the student who is interested in psychology and especially the psychological disorders. The young person is able to analyze the issue from all sides learning about the general meaning of acute stress disorder, its symptoms, methods of treatment, its danger for the human health, etc. In order to succeed in writing, the student is supposed to study the case effectively, interview or read about the patient, his case, the history of his disease and find out about the cause of the stress and its effect on the patient’s psychics. The student is expected to dwell on the solution of the problem, because a case study is not a simple observation but the solution of the problem on the disorder.

The young professional is able to impress the teacher with the help of the advice borrowed from a free example case study on acute stress disorder written online. It is smart to look through a well-formatted and logically-arranged free sample case study on acute stress disorder composed by the experienced writer for the student’s convenience.

Custom Case Study on Acute Stress Disorder

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