Case Study on Aeroplane Crash

Aeroplane Crash Case Study:

Aeroplane crash is the serious catastrophe which has occurred with the aircraft (plane, aeroplane, planet, etc) and caused a certain number of the human deaths. Since the development of aviation in the end of the 19th century, millions of human lives have been lost because of the impropriate technical condition of the aircraft or the unskilful activity of the pilot. Nearly every day we can read at least one news report about an aeroplane crash which took the definite number of the human lives. Of course, there are cases when people receive only a strong shock after the troublesome landing or taking off of the plane, but more often the plane is crashed seriously that there are at least several deaths. Because of the very slight chance for survival in the aeroplane crash, many people mistakenly think that travelling by air is the most dangerous means of travelling.

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Although, the crashes occur quite often, but it can not be compared to the accidents on the rods which take thousands of deaths daily. An aeroplane crash is a serious and complicated problem which can occur because of the impropriate quality of the services which have to check the plane before its flight.

The weather conditions do not influence the quality of the flight and the frequency of crashes, because if the sky is not acceptable for the flight (storm, fog, etc), the flight is simply cancelled or delayed. The skills of the pilots also do play the key role in the prevention of the aeroplane crash, because the whole flight is automated and the pilot has to take minimum efforts. So, the only reason of the majority of the air crashes is the technical problem which has not been detected by the responsible services and mechanics.

Aeroplane crash is an interesting problem for the research for every student, because one is able to play the role of a detective and trying to analyze the case of aeroplane crash and define the factors which have caused it. The majority of the case studies on this topic are based on the individual and selected approach towards the issue, so one should choose the definite aeroplane crash and analyze it in detail evaluating the cause and effect of the accident and trying to think about the efforts which could have been taken to prevent the tragedy.

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