Case Study on Backward Children

Backward Children Case Study:

Backward children are the children who have troubles with education and their capability of learning belongs to the lower level than it is required according to the general standards. In every country there is a problem with backward children and pedagogues work hard to create effective methods of teaching and improvement the chances for children to receive normal education.

There are many factors which influence the problem of the child backwardness and they depend to the physical, genetic, psychological, social, economic and other fields. The first factor which can influence the child’s learning abilities is a disease or physical injures of the essential organs, primarily the brain. If the child has fallen ill with something and takes medicine for the disease, they can have a negative impact on their intellectual abilities.

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With the run of time the impact of remedies can reduce, but still this effect exists. The learning abilities can be seriously damaged by severe headaches and megrim. The relation of backwardness and poverty is very close, because if the family is poor, the child will not have the chance to receive education and devote as much time to education as he requires.

Then, psychological problems and stress can reduce the learning abilities, because the child lives under the constant pressure of parents or classmates and can not focus on studying. The process of learning requires healthy environment and minimum of stress, so the family scandals, threats and parent’s dominance can cause harm to the child’s intellect. So, backwardness depends on many factors and it is important to select the right methods and techniques to help the child cope with these obstacles.

Backward children are the children who require specific approach towards education and the student is able to improve his knowledge on the issue and study the problem from all sides. It is better to reveal the problem on child backwardness on the definite example suggested by the professor and a case study will be a magnificent experience for every young professional. One should learn about the child as much as possible and find out about the cause of his backwardness and evaluate its effect on the quality of his education. Finally, one can create his own methodology of the defeat of the problem of the child’s backwardness in the selected case.

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