Case Study on Client Centered Therapy

Client Centered Therapy Case Study:

Client centered therapy is one of the types of modern psychotherapy worked out by the famous US psychologist Carl Rogers. Client centered therapy is applied in humanistic psychology, psychological therapy and consulting putting the personality on the first place and is aimed at her self-development.

This type of therapy is supposed to solve numerous problems because there is an interaction between the client and the therapist. The client informs about his problems and the therapist tries to provide his with the reliable and helpful piece of advice in the form of conversation which are characterized with the complete trust. The therapist tries to help the client find himself, organize the personal model of self-development with the aim of the reaching to the inner harmony and life satisfaction. The most important and complicated task for every therapist is to organize the favourable working atmosphere for the inner growth of the client.

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In order to help the client, the therapist has to feel the problem of the person using the method of the emphatic listening. Emphatic listening is favourable for the further communication between the client and the therapist. The therapy has quite a specific character. The client sits in front of the therapist and they are going to cooperate in this way in order to see the faces and eyes of each other. The skilful therapist can attract the client’s attention and catch his trust during the first 5 minutes of contact. If the client does not trust to the therapist in 5 minutes, the success of the therapy is seriously questioned.

Client centered therapy is the special kind of therapy which is supposed to help people cope with their psychological problems and maintain the process of their self-improvement. The student is able to prepare a successful case study which is able to reveal the problem from all sides explaining the principles and aspects of the therapy’s work and methods of its practising. The young professional can dwell on the suggested case and study the elements of the problem, the cause and effect of the client’s problem and evaluate the usefulness of the client centered therapy for the patient’s psychological health. The student has to analyze the case objectively and decide whether client centered therapy is the effective piece of help in the suggested case.

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