Case Study on Banking Ombudsman

Banking Ombudsman Case Study:

Banking Ombudsman is the official authority of the banking system in India, whose duty is the solution of the financial problems which occur within the clients’ banking accounts. The occupation of Banking Ombudsman first appeared at the beginning of 1990s in India and the official is expected to observe all kinds of banking complaints and provide clients with the efficient advice and instructions. The field of duties which Banking Ombudsman has to cover is very long, so that the official should possess developed professional skills, experience, deep knowledge of banking and accounting, etc.

First of all Banking Ombudsman has to solve problems related with the establishing of the working hours in the bank. The official is able to provide one with the information about the delay without sufficient cause of all kinds of services: payment, printing of cheques, etc. Then, he has to explain the reason of the non-acceptance of banknotes and coins.

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Such an important question as credit commitment is also discussed with Banking Ombudsman who has the duty to explain all the peculiarities of this operation, its aspects, pluses and minuses. The option of opening or closure of deposits and all the troubles which can occur during this operation are also discussed with the official, because it is essential to know who has the right to open deposits and how he can do it correctly. Next, Banking Ombudsman solves the problems of the refusal or delay of payment pension, taxes, securities, insurance, etc.

Banking Ombudsman is an important occupation which solves all the important issues connected with banking and organization and maintenance of the safety of the personal accounts. The student is able to observe the duties and the types of complaints observed by Banking Ombudsman in order to understand the seriousness of this occupation in India. The student can dwell on the history of the creation of this authority and the reasons of its creation. It is natural that a case study about the problem is supposed to touch upon the definite problems related with the activity of Banking Ombudsman, his failures and success. The student should analyze the authority from all sides, dwell on the cause and effect of the matter suggested for the analysis and solve it professionally.

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