Case Study on Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice Case Study:

Basmati rice is a special kind of long-grain rice which has grown India for thousands of years and can be called a traditional product of the country. Naturally, there are many types of rice in the world, but everybody will agree that the best and the tastiest one is basmati rice. Basmati rice has got its name due to its special fragrance which can not be confused with any other kind of rice. It is obvious that being the most valuable sort of rice, basmati is very popular not only in South Asia but also in Europe and North America among the people who try to carry out healthy way of life.

Basmati rice is supposed to be quite useful for the human organism and its qualities (taste and specific smell) make dishes from basmati original on every table.

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There are two main types of basmati rice: white and brown. They differ not only because of their qualities and influence on the human health but on their price. Brown basmati rice is supposed to be healthier because the grains still possess bran which is useful for the human health. White rice does not have bran and it used for the dishes of other types. It is obvious that basmati rice is mainly cultivated in India and Pakistan and the farmers have already improved and modified genetically several sorts of the rice in order to make it even more useful and resistant towards the impact of the natural environment. Being an exotic sort of rice, basmati rice can be confused with other sorts of rice by the ignorant people, so very often merchants adulterate this rice with other kinds of basmati selling cheap rice for the expensive prices.

Basmati rice is a specific topic for the research and the student has the chance to learn about this culture more. First of all one should study the major facts about the rice, the area of its production, its types, special characteristics and price. Then one should investigate the case suggested for the research, which is mainly connected with adulation and patent of basmati rice, as these problems are extremely urgent in the world. The young person should understand the cause and effect of the matter on basmati rice and brainstorm the efficient solution to this specific problem.

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Custom Case Study on Basmati Rice

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