Case Study on Biological Hazards

Biological Hazards Case Study:

Biological hazard is the negative impact of biological pathogens of different level and origin, which cause harm to the medical, social, technological, agricultural and domestic spheres. The most widespread biological hazards are prions, microorganisms and parasites of different types.

The majority of countries have created the lists of the biological objects which can hazardous for the human and animal life – bacteria, viruses, spirochetes, fungi, etc. Of course, the variety of the objects depends on the area, because there are some places on Earth which are more dangerous for life concerning harmful biological objects than other regions. The UNO has also created a special list of hazardous objects and every object has its own number and belongs to the special group.

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There are four of them: to the Category A belong objects which can cause harm or even kill both animals and human being; to the Category B belong the substances which can cause serious harm only to animals; Category C includes objects which are transported for the profound research and detailed analysis and the last category Regulated Medical Waste includes the wastes gained during the medical treatment and most often they have to be utilized.

Moreover, there are four levels of hazards, which divide bacteria, viruses, toxins, microorganisms, etc on the special groups which differ according to their danger for the human and animal organism and complexity. The biologically hazardous substances have received their own symbol, which is known all over the world. The idea of the creation of the symbol was to invent something catchy, meaningless and easy to remember.

Biological hazard is a certain harmful influence of pathogens of the biological origin and the student has the opportunity to observe the problem in detail preparing a successful case study on the matter. It is important to explain the meaning of biological hazards, the types of hazards, the research approach towards the hazardous objects, etc. One should focus on the levels of hazard, the classification of the objects according to their danger for the human and animal life and think about the best ways of transportation and storage of hazardous objects in order to make them safe for the human life.

Finally, one should evaluate the importance of the creation of the detailed list of harmful substances for the global community.

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