Case Study on Deforestation in Brazil

Deforestation in Brazil Case Study:

Deforestation is the ecological problem which is characterized with the cut down of vast territories of forests causing serious consequences to the natural environment. Deforestation is the international problem and every country has troubles in this sphere, but Brazil, the owner of the biggest and most productive rainforests in the world. Brazil rainforests belong to the most valuable area in the world, because they produce oxygen essential for the maintenance of life on Earth.

Unfortunately, the humanity does not appreciate rainforests and cuts them down severely devastating vast territories of Brazil. The most widespread reasons for deforestation are logging, the necessity of creation territories for pastures and raising soya-beans. Annually, more than 100 thousand hectares are cut down for agriculture and wood. Moreover, deforestation is the result of the unreasonable activity of the country in the sphere of energetics.

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The basin of the river Amazon is used for the production of electricity, no wonder there are many hydroelectric dams, which change the relief of the area and flood vast territories of forests. Deforestation causes harm not only to the humanity, which loses oxygen, but also to numerous species of animals, birds and insects which lose their homes and this problem is called the extinction of the biological species. Next, because of the population growth, the humanity requires more and more food, so the territories are used as pastures for the cattle and it is obvious that these areas become deserts in the end. Finally, the necessity of building roads and highways and infrastructure is also a serious reason of deforestation. In order to build a highway, one requires cutting down enormous areas of forests.

When the student is researching the case on deforestation in Brazil, he is supposed to study the cause and effect of the process and only then he will be able to solve the matter professionally. The young person can succeed in writing, if she collects information about the reasons of deforestation, the impact of the human activity on the global ecological condition, the harm to biosphere, economy and business. It is important to create the scheme or the solution to the problem. The student is supposed to think about the ways which would be useful for the reduction of the rates of deforestation in Brazil or the complete stop of this process.

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