Case Study on Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Case Study:

Calvin Klein is the US fashion and design studio, producing unisex clothes, perfumes and accessories. Currently, the brand belongs to PVH Corp and the headquarters are located in Midtown Manhattan.

The name of the company is connected with Calvin Klein – a famous US designer who founded his own firm Calvin Klein, Ltd in 1968. At the very beginning the company produced clothes and footwear exclusively for men but in the middle of 1970s it broadened the choice of goods and started manufacturing women clothes (famous for fur collections) and accessories. Calvin Klein was the first brand which demonstrated jeans on its fashion shows in 1978. Moreover, every pair of jeans had the famous logo of the company which was quite new at that time, as the so called logo mania was just developing.

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In 1982 the fashion house designed the first male underwear collection using half-naked men for the advertisements. 1992 is supposed to be the year of the creation of unisex style. The advertisement demonstrated young woman and man who had similar body structure, haircut and clothes. Calvin Klein has a great number of awards, like Coty (in 1973, 1974, 1975) and American Fashion Awards. In 2003 Calvin Klein sold his company. Except of clothes and accessories, the company has tried itself in the sphere of fragrance, and it is supposed to be one of the most successful and prestigious manufacturer of elite perfumes and cosmetics. The line was started in 1981 and nowadays there are 61 lines of perfumes and colognes.

Calvin Klein is the fashion house which has won international fame and it is useful to know at least something about the way of the development of the company and the factors which have influenced its success. The student has the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge and skills observing the issue on Calvin Klein and studying the structure, production lines and the history of the fashion house. When one analyzes the case, he has to dwell on the cause of the problem suggested for the research and its effect on the prestige and productiveness of the company. The young person has to solve the problem of the case and compare it with the solution applied by the experts from Calvin Klein.

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