Dermatology Case Study

Case Study on Dermatology:

Dermatology is the science which studies the structure, qualities, peculiarities of the functions, diseases, prevention of the diseases and treatment of skin and its derivatives and mucous membranes. Dermatology is supposed to be one of the oldest branches of medicine, because there are descriptions and methods of treatment of various diseases of skin which date back to 1500 BC.

The skin covers the human body, so it is obvious that skin diseases are visible at once, so since ancient times people pay much attention to the issues related with skin problems. Dermatology is closely connected with other branches of medicine, like cosmetology, immunodermatology, etc, because the human organism is a complicated system of interconnected organs – if one organ is weak, it influences other systems of the human body.

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The human skin is often called the reflection of the human health and lifestyle. If one has any diseases in digestion or cardiovascular systems, it will be visible on the human skin. When the human immune system is weak and can not protect the body from various infections, the person would suffer from rash on the skin, erosions, and other related problems. Dermatology helps people protect their skin from the influence of the environment, because if the skin is damaged, harmful microorganisms and viruses will easily penetrate the human body and cause serious diseases.

Dermatology provides people with the advice on maintaining the quality of skin, its resistance against infections, etc. Finally, with the help of the dermatological researches it is possible to define the disease analyzing the character of the rash and other signs visible on the surface of the skin.

Dermatology is a serious and important branch of medicine which studies the peculiarities of the human skin from all possible sides. The student who has decided to prepare an interesting case study about dermatology is expected to learn about the history of the science, the scope of its research, its branches, the aim of its activity and the kind of the diseases related with the human skin. In order to observe the case professionally, one should collect information about the definite matter under research, define the cause and effect of the issue on dermatology and solve it is the creative and objective way.

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