Case Study on Capital Structure

Capital Structure Case Study:

Capital structure is the finance of the company based on the balance of its equity and debt capital. Every company should possess enough finance to be able to exist and improve its activity, production, the quality of the production, raise profit and open new and new stores all over the world and complete with other companies in these aspects. To begin with, a company should have its own money, called equity capital. That means, a businessman is supposed to invest his own money for the development of the company. Evidently, it is a big risk, but without a risk one can not hope to gain high profits. Many businessmen who own small forms and shops think that the most important factor of the prosperous business is the life without debts and bank credits, but they are wrong. Nearly every world famous successful company possesses high percentage of the debt capital, so that it uses the borrowed money of various investors and banks to survive. Without debt capital it is impossible to achieve fast development of the business, so this type of capital is the essential one if one wants to succeed in his business.

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Nevertheless, one should be extremely careful accumulating more and more debts, because he is supposed to return the money back. Only if you are sure in the future success of your idea, you can borrow money and start your business. Then, every investor who is looking for a reliable company to invest money into its development should weigh its capital structure to know whether it can stand a crisis of different kinds. Otherwise the investor will simply lose his money.

So, capital structure is the extremely important factor for the development of business of all kinds and every future businessman should be aware of it. A well-composed capital structure case study should be properly studies and organized professionally. Every case study on the topic is a research of the definite problem related to the capital structure of a certain company or a form. A student should study the capital structure of the chosen company and find out enough data to present the cause and effect sides of the problem and prepare a sensible paper.

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