Case Study on Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy Case Study:

Gene therapy is the complex of the genetic and medical methods, which are aimed at the change of the genes of a patient’s cells in order to cure a disease. Gene therapy is becoming more and more popular, because there are many diseases which are caused by mutations of genes, so the therapy is often the only way out to cure such a disease. The development of gene therapy started in the end of 1980 with the invention of the equipment, which can conduct scrupulous operations. At first gene therapy was planned to treat genetic diseases, which can not be cured in other way.

Nevertheless, the scope of the method developed much further and other diseases started to be treated with the help of the therapy. There are two main types of gene therapy, which differ according to their consequences and further impact on the organism of a patient.

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The first type is the somatic gene therapy. The principle of this kind of therapy is the introduction of the therapeutic genes into the organism but they do not change the genetic code and are active during the life of the patient. That means, a child of the patient will not inherit the acquired modifications, so somatic gene therapy is considered to be quite a safe process. The second type is the germ line gene therapy. According to this kind of therapy genes are introduced into the germ cells (eggs, sperm), what means that the modification will be inherited by the offspring and his later generations.

Gene therapy is considered to be one of the most effective ways to cope with some genetic diseases, so students should be aware of the key aspects of the therapy in order to be professionals in their sphere. Evidently, before writing the case study one should read a lot to improve the general background knowledge on the topic to be able to analyze it soberly and provide the teacher with wise conclusions. Then, researching the problem for a case study one should collect enough trustworthy data from the high-quality sources, like the articles written by the professional scientists, articles based on the interviews with the patients, etc.

Students are supposed to prepare an interesting and informative piece of writing on the definite topic based on gene therapy. The main problem which disappoints students is not the process of the analysis and research but the process of the organization of the paper. A free example case study on gene therapy is quite an effective help for students who have difficulties with paper writing. Sometimes one requires a free sample case study on gene therapy to be able to create the appropriate structure for the logical organization of the text and format the paper well.

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