Case Study on Career Development

Career Development Case Study:

Career development is the process which is characterized with the organization of the personal life, interests, education, self-improvement and motivation for the creation of his own career which would develop gradually during the whole his life. The majority of modern people of the developed countries are interested in the creation of their career in order to reach success in their life. Career is most often associated with prosperity, development of numerous positive traits of the human character, like discipline, patience, creativity, industriousness, etc.

Naturally, career development is a complicated process which requires time and efforts, as without hard work and ambitiousness it is impossible to reach to the top of the career ladder.

The most common start of the career development is the employment after graduation from a college or university at the approximate age of 25.

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The young person who is full of ambitions starts working hard in order to demonstrate his professionalism and creativity and win respect of the employer. Till the age of 40 there are only two options in the process of career development – the success and failure, because if one failed to reach high position in the company till this age, it will be practically impossible to succeed in future. Career development is a very complicated process, because one should devote all his time to his occupation, that is why the majority of novice employees do not have the chance to have a few weeks rest or to organize their leisure correctly. Moreover, career development is closely connected with the constant process of self-improvement and self-education as one should learn something new all the time to improve his skills for the quality work.

Career development can be called a gradual and complicated process which consumes much time and nerves but provides people with the financial resources and position in the society.

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