Case Study on Psychological Barriers to Communication

Psychological Barriers to Communication Case Study:

Psychological barriers to communication are the obstacles which occur in the process of communication because of the personal emotional condition of both sides of the conversation.

Psychological barriers occur quite frequently during conversation because of numerous reasons, which most often depend on the current human psychological condition and the human temperament. Sometimes it happens that the human being is an introvert, so it is often difficult to persuade such a person to communicate a lot, because she simply does not need it.

Of course, there are more distinct barriers which are characterized with the human experience, for example, the individual has inner barriers which depend on his bringing up, education, stereotypes and prejudices. When the person has had experience in communication with the definite type of people, he will treat this type according to his first impression.

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Then, if the individual has serious problems at work, family or other close people and he is always stressed or even depressed, he will not be a positive communicant, because he will not be able to catch the information and concentrate on it. This type of barrier is called filtering.

Finally, there is an obstacle which is connected with the social status of the participants of the conversation. This psychosocial barrier exists between the boss and the employee, between the teacher and his student, between the mature and young people. This sort of barriers is associated with the fact that the communicant of the “lower” level can not present the information in the way he wants. He will try to behave better and use more formal and sophisticated language.

Psychological barriers to communication are the barriers which occur because of the human psychological condition and her personal experience. The student who is interested in the research of the problem about the psychological barriers to communication should focus on the explanation of these barriers, enumerating their types, etc. Then, one is expected to collect information about the case under analysis and define its problem. It is important to think about the cause and effect of the psychological barriers to communication and then to take efforts to solve the problem efficiently.

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