Case Study on Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement Case Study:

Cash flow statement is the financial statement about the finance of the company and its use in the current period of time. This statement reflects the current financial condition of the company, the supply with the money or its loss. It is natural, that cash flow statement is a very important thing for the objective analysis of the financial capability of the company, because it illustrates all the financial processes, the quality of the company’s work, the productiveness of the results, long-term debts, etc.

Of course, cash flow statement presents the results of the chosen periods of the company’s activity, but not only the current period. This helps to compare the results with the statements which were conducted a year, season or month ago with the current results and on the basis of this comparison one can understand the strong and the weak sides of the financial work of the company, learn about the roots of the failure, etc.

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Cash flow statement helps to discover such definite problems: to learn about the sum and sources of finance and the sectors where it is involved; develop the capability of the company to increase the profit and reduce the expenditures; learn about the ability of the company to fulfill its duties; find the information about the quantity of the finance in order to understand whether the company has enough money for the further development and successful functioning; learn about the capability of the investment supply from the inner sources.

Cash flow statement is the interesting and though provoking topic for the research and the student has the opportunity to learn about it even more and become an expert in it. The success of a cash flow statement case study depends on the student’s knowledge and critical thinking skills. He has to read a lot about the issue in general in order to be able to answer to all the case study questions on cash flow statement. When he investigates the case, he has to pay attention to the cause of the problem and its consequences on the quality of cash flow statement. One should research the case from all sides to solve it adequately and objectively.

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