Case Study on Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Case Study:

Facebook is the most developed and popular social network which does not only connects people from all countries, but also becomes a powerful means of marketing for the modern business. The primary purpose of Facebook was communication and making friends, sharing of information, entertainment, etc but now every company has its page on the network and advertises its goods and services all over the world.

The Internet and social networks, especially Facebook, have opened completely new ways of marketing. First of all advertising is cheap and even free, companies can post their ads in the big quantities and if they are followed by someone, the potential customers would see the ads and probably read them what increases the chance of the company to sell something. The successful Facebook marketing depends on the knowledge about the structure of the social network and the principle of its use. If the businessman wants to create a page which would serve as the main source of advertising, he should be aware about the laws and principles of the organization of the network.

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First of all, the page should be quite dynamic and its content should be brief and informative, otherwise no one would read it. Furthermore, the content should be worth reposting and if there are many reposts, there are more new visitors of the page. In order to increase the number of the reposts companies use the tactics of a lottery, which is based on the fact that the lucky ‘reposter’ wins a certain product of the company for free. Generally, Facebook marketing should be close to the consumers, they should be provided with the chance to discuss goods and services, ask questions and as a result the number of clients will grow.

Facebook marketing is the brand new form of marketing which has become popular nowadays. The student who is researching the usefulness of the social network for the development of business should pay attention to the structure of the marketing, forms, aspects, principles, advantages and disadvantages. The case of Facebook marketing should contain the cause (or the reasons why the social network is used in marketing) and effect of the marketing on the particular company chosen by the student. Finally, the paper should be summarized and the issue of Facebook marketing should be evaluated objectively.

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