Case Study on Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement Case Study:

Celebrity endorsement is a special advertising technique, which is used in business which works due to the use of the celebrities for the advertising of goods and services of a definite company.

Today celebrity endorsement has become the most popular form of advertising, because the businessmen and the experts in marketing have understood the role of celebrities in the life of the human society. People depend on the news about the life of celebrities, scandals, their success and failure. So, when a celebrity advertises a certain type of goods and services, people start to believe they will become closer to their idol and even will have the similar lifestyle. For example, if a celebrity drives a certain car, people will start thinking the car is enough prestigious to the class and status of the celebrity and will believe in its quality and will not pay attention to the increased and unfair price.

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The most typical sectors of the market which use celebrity endorsement are the perfume and clothing markets. The choice of these sectors is fairly evident, because perfume and clothes are the preference of women who are more vulnerable to the effect of advertising. If a woman sees on TV that a new dress and new perfume impresses everyone around her and attracts attention of a handsome man, this image will remain in her mind and she will definite purchase these goods. Celebrities can be used for the more serious purposes, for example, advertising of the healthy lifestyle and protection of the natural environment.

Every student who is interested in marketing, the secrets and principles of advertising should be aware of the topic of celebrity endorsement. The problem is quite relevant, because the majority of the prosperous companies use this technique and one should know how it works and effects people. A good celebrity endorsement case study should be informative, thought-provoking and logical. A student who is asked to investigate a suggested problem should research the case site and find out about the origin of the problem or its cause and value its effect soberly. Furthermore, in order to demonstrate knowledge and critical thinking skills a student is expected to brainstorm effective and brand new methods which can solve the problem in the alternative way.

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