Case Study on Cellular Manufacturing

Cellular Manufacturing Case Study:

Cellular manufacturing is the type of the organization of work of a company based on the strategy of lean production. The idea of cellular manufacturing has appeared not so long ago, just at that time, when the humanity understood the value of the natural resources and the necessity to safe them. The experts who have brainstormed and worked out the concept of cellular manufacturing organized the structure of a company which wants to produce goods without wastes.

It is obvious that wastes can be called big unnecessary expenditures for the company, so it is wiser to improve the work of the company, the equipment, machines and raise the quality of the whole process. The brightest examples of cellular manufacturing are the modern plants and factories which economize resources and energy and space placing the tool-machines of similar or close types close to one another.

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When one operation has been conducted with the detail, the next one is conducted on the following machine. It economizes energy and time wasted on transportation (very often a factory can does only several operations processing a detail, the other operations are conducted at other factories).

Cellular manufacturing makes the organization flexible and multitasking. The employees of such organizations share time wiser, work with various machines and fulfil various tasks. The most essential purposes of cellular manufacturing are waste reduction and the reduction of time of production, because the process of production is optimized and well-planned.

When one is asked to prepare a cellular manufacturing case study, he will have to study the process profoundly in order to be aware of its slightest steps and principles. A successful case study one should devote much time to the investigation of the case site. A student will have to understand the nature of the problem, the factors which have caused it and the effect of this problem on production. It is important to collect reliable data to complete a high-quality and objective paper. There are several ways to collect information: look through the articles in the web and if it is possible – use the method of interview and catch the problem from the point of view of the employees or the boss of the organization under analysis. Finally, the student should summarize the case and suggest effective ways out of the problem.

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