Case Study on Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Case Study:

Chernobyl nuclear disaster is the catastrophe which occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on April 26, 1986. Chernobyl nuclear power plant is situated in Ukraine, a part of a former USSR and today the plant is associated with the enormous disaster, which caused many lives and damaged the natural environment seriously. The disaster had an explosive character and during the explosion the fourth reactor was destroyed entirely and millions of tons of radioactive elements got into the atmosphere. The disaster is considered to be the most serious one which has ever occurred at nuclear power plants according to the number of victims and the damage to the environment. After a few days of the explosion 31 people died and several years after more than 80 people died because of its effect. Enormous resources were used to neutralize the consequences of the disaster and more than 500 thousand people took an active part in the solution of this problem.

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The disaster did not only influence Ukraine, but the neighbour countries, like Russia and Belorussia and the whole Eastern Europe. It is obvious that vast territories and many towns and villages around Chernobyl were evacuated and more than 100 thousand people had to look for new home.

Chernobyl nuclear disaster influenced the position of the USSR on the political arena negatively, because the country spent milliards of dollars to solve the problem and hid the documents which could explain the reason of the disaster and its real consequences. Naturally, the region will suffer from the effect of the disaster for hundreds of years till the area can be called ecologically safe.

Chernobyl nuclear disaster can surely be called one of the most harmful accidents in the human history and its effect will disturb people for centuries. If a student is asked to complete a Chernobyl nuclear disaster case study, he should spend much time to get to know about the problem from the most reliable literary sources. There are many encyclopaedias and articles in the Internet which can be useful to students who require data for the analysis. A student should try to find out the cause of the explosion and value its consequences soberly and finally present reasonable solutions to the problem.

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