Case Study on Child Labour

Child Labour Case Study:

Child labour is the use of the child labour force and full-time employment of a child. Nowadays child labour is considered to be the break of the human rights and the use of child force is treated like inhumane. Children should enjoy their life, entertain and study but not lose their best years working to support themselves or other people’s interests. Although, child labour is called a crime, protection of children’s rights appeared not so long ago. No more than a century ago child labour was a common thing, because the life was a bit more difficult than today and children had to work and support their families (furthermore, a common family included no less than five children, so it is impossible to feed them without enormous efforts). The main factors which still cause the existence of child labour are unfavourable financial background of a child and his family, the tradition of a country and simply child’s exploitation.

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When the child has to work without his will, it can be called exploitation and abuse (children are often used in sex industry and forced labour). There are also various traditions and customs of the certain countries which support child labour, because it can help a child reach success in future.

For example, if there is a family business, a child is involved into the working process in order to learn everything about the work of the firm and continue the development of the family business in future.

It is possible to look at the problem of child labour from different points of view but generally the attitude towards it is negative in the society. if a student has chosen to research the case based on the problem of child labour, he should be attentive and collect reliable information on the case. One is supposed to present all the factors which have caused the problem (it is possible to interview the child, his friends, etc or just read much about the problem if the method of interview is impossible).

After that a student is expected to value the consequences of the problem and analyze it well presenting the most effective solutions to it.

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