Case Study on Chipotle

Chipotle Case Study:

Chipotle is the type of Mexican seasoning which is known as smoke-dried red pepper called jalapeño. Chipotle is mainly used in Mexican cuisine which is characterized with heat and specific manner of cooking. This sort of pepper (jalapeño) is supposed to possess a very high level of heat, though chipotle (smoked pepper) is have even higher level of heat and the inexperienced people often fail to consume it. According to the Scoville scale, which measures chilli peppers, chipotle has the level of spicy heat from 5000 to 10000 SHU, which supposed to be the middle level of heat, but chipotle is known to have higher level of heat than fresh jalapeño. The technology of making chipotle is quite easy. First of all one selects ripened in the natural way red jalapeño and then the pepper is being smoked for a few days.

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Jalapeño loses more than 9/10 of its mass during smoking and looks like dried-fruit in the end, of course, losing its red colour obtaining the brown or even black one. Chipotle is a specific component of Mexican traditional dishes, because it possesses spicy heat in combination with the special smell of smoke. The pepper is added into various sauces; it is the main ingredient in stewed meat and vegetable dishes and salads. The most common type of marinade used for making Chipotle is adobo. It is obvious that there are several types of chipotle which vary according to the level of their spicy heat and size and different types of chipotle are used in the definite dishes.

Chipotle is a traditional ingredient in the majority of Mexican dishes and it would be interesting for every student to dwell on this issue from all sides. The young person can pay attention to the origin of the pepper, the peculiarities of its smoking, its use in Mexican cuisine and the originality of its taste. When the student is given the assignment about the research of the case on chipotle, he should collect enough facts, which would be valuable for the analysis. It is important to learn about the cause and effect of the problem, compare chipotle to other sorts of chilli peppers and solve the problem in the original way impressing the professor with creativity.

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