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Christianity Case Study:

Christianity is one of the trends of monotheism. Alongside with Buddhism and Islam, Christianity belongs to the three most widespread religions in the world. The most distinct feature of Christianity which differentiates it from other types of monotheism is the belief in Jesus Christ – the embodiment of God on Earth, who sacrificed his life for the good of the humanity. In comparison with Christianity Buddhism and Islam do not treat Jesus as the embodiment of God. Christianity is also one of the Abrahamic religions alongside with Judaism and Islam. The religion had its origin on the territory of the Roman Empire (the eastern part of the empire) in the 1st century AD. Christianity existed as a single unity till 484, though from the very beginning a great number of sects based on the Bible appeared. The ultimate split of Christianity occurred in 1054 when the church divided into Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Catholic) churches.

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In 1517 another church was created called Protestantism. Today these three branches are still the most important and popular in Christianity. Nowadays Christianity is the most popular religion and more than 2.2 billion people call themselves Christians. Christianity is the religion about the Omniscient, Omnipresent and Eternal God, the Creator of heaven and earth in three of its most important forms (manifestations) – Lord Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ and life-giving Grace of God.

Like any other religion Christianity has its sacred texts. The basis of Christianity is the Bible and the New Testament in particular (which describes the life and activity of Jesus Christ, his teaching, good deeds and resurrection).

Christianity is one of the most widespread religions and everyone is expected to know at least anything about it. If the student is asked to complete a professional case study, he has to read about the structure, branches and sacred texts of Christianity and then dwell on the problem suggested for the analysis. The young professional should pay special attention to the cause of the problem related with Christianity and evaluate its consequences for the matter. After that having analyzed the problem profoundly one will be able to solve the case effectively. The majority of the case studies about Christianity are based on the comparison of the religion with other prominent religions or sects, so the student has to be aware about the differences between them.

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