Case Study on Circulatory System

Circulatory System Case Study:

Circulatory system is the system of the human organism which maintains the circulation of the human blood about the whole body. Circulatory system has the function of transportation of the microelements, hormones, vitamins and all the important elements essential for the life of the organism. One of the main functions of the human circulatory system is the supply of the cells of the body with oxygen, the most important element which maintains the human life. In addition the blood transports the waste and the elements which exist in the high concentrations from the cells to the organs where the elements are neutralized. The main organ which makes the blood circulate about the system is the heart. The heart is the big organ made of muscles which work all the time. In fact, the existence of the heart is not obligatory, because there are organisms which live without this organ and the circulatory system is represented only by vessels.

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The circulation of blood is the most essential factor which maintains the life of the human being, because the blood can fulfill its functions only in the constant motion. The human circulatory system is more complicated than of other organisms, because it consists of two circles: small and big. The small circle of circulation goes through the lungs where the blood enriches with the oxygen; the big circle is the transportation of this oxygen about the whole body, all organs, tissues and cells. The blood vessels are divided into arteries (bring the blood from heart); veins (to heart) and capillaries.

Circulatory system is one of the most important systems of the human organism which are interconnected and depend on one another. While researching the topic of circulatory system, the student should learn about the problem a lot reading reliable books and periodicals in order to catch the general structure of the system, its functions, role, importance for the human life, etc. The case based on circulatory system is the investigation of the narrow issue related with the system, its disease, disorders, comparison with the systems of the other organisms, etc. The student is obliged to discover the cause and effect points of the problem and solve the case on circulatory system professionally.

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