Case Study on Clinical Research Ethics

Clinical Research Ethics Case Study:

Clinical research ethics is the branch of ethics which is supposed to follow the ethical norms in the all sort of medical and clinical trials and experiments. Nowadays, with the development of science clinical research has become a popular activity, because with its help the humanity receives new and new useful and important gifts in the form of the effective medicine, improvement of technologies, etc. Due to the clinical research physicists invent and apply their new medicine on practice on the voluntary people. Clinical research got its birth during the research on animals, but very soon it has become evident that the animal organism and structure of their tissues are not quite the same as of the human beings, so physicists started to carry out clinical research on people, voluntary and involuntary ones. It is known that there are countries where clinical research is conducted on the people of the unprotected social classes. For example, if the person does not have family, friends, has unfavourable financial background, is homeless or sick, she can become the voluntary or involuntary patient.

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It is obvious that physicists are obliged to follow the ethical norms of their occupation, but a great number of them forget about it directed with the desire of the new scientific discoveries. The global community is especially disturbed with the fate of the children who become the targets of the clinical research. In general, clinical research is a positive activity, which can bring many new opportunities for the humanity, but there are cases when the research has to be limited because of the danger it carries for the surrounding people.

Clinical research ethics is a important and interesting issue which requires detailed research and the student is able to demonstrate his critical thinking skills researching the problem from all sides. The student is supposed to improve his background knowledge about the types of the clinical research, its purpose, its advantages and disadvantages, its future perspectives and problems it faces now. In order to research the case one should learn the cause and effect of the problem related with clinical research ethics and find out how it can be solved in the appropriate way.

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