Case Study on Classroom Management

Classroom Management Case Study:

Classroom management is the phenomenon which is connected with the control over the students’ behaviour at the classroom. It is obvious that the behaviour of students is often disruptive and causes discomfort to the teacher and other students and breaks down the educational process. It is really difficult to maintain the behaviour at class on its appropriate level. Classroom management is a very important topic for every teacher, because a successful and skilful teacher is not the one who possesses knowledge on the subject, but the one who can deliver this information to students in spite of all the factors which interfere into this process. A teacher should be a good psychologist to be able to control the situation in the classroom and keep the class obedient and attentive.

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Classroom management touches upon such important in the educational process moments as the problem of motivation, respect and the psychology of the correct behaviour and discipline. These points are interconnected, because a good discipline depends on the respect and the ability to motivate students. If a teacher manages to create the right educational process and invent the appropriate teaching techniques which can make the students interested in the delivered information, he will gain respect from his students and as a result – discipline and example behaviour. It is obvious that the problem of classroom management can be solved at the very beginning, but when the teacher fails to maintain order at the classroom at the first lesson, it will be difficult to set the right discipline further.

The problem of classroom management is the most thought provoking and disturbing question for every novice teacher, because nearly every experiences pedagogue knows how to manage the class effectively. Being quite an individual phenomenon, classroom management and its techniques are different at every class and every teacher chooses his own style of teaching and classroom management. If there is the assignment based on classroom management case study writing, a student should study the situation at the suggested classroom, learn about the students, the teacher, the atmosphere of the educational process and then find out the reason of the occurred problem and its consequences for the class and the teacher. Finally, one should provide the professor with the methods and techniques which can solve the problem in the case effectively.

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