Civil Engineering Case Study

Civil Engineering Case Study:

Civil engineering is the engineering in the branch of building, which is aimed at the planning, designing, constructing, developing and improvement of the objects of public use, including buildings, warehouses, stations, roads, bridges, etc. Naturally, civil engineering is the oldest and the most developed branch of building, because the human civilization can not exist without the buildings of all kinds, which are used for different purposes. Since the prehistoric times people have been improving their homes and maintaining the quality of their settlements and this process is relevant even today. Civil engineers improve the quality and technologies in building in order to make the life of people comfortable and safe. The branch of civil engineering includes a great number of the related disciplines which cooperate in order to plan, project, construct, build and use the objects of civil engineering effectively.

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First of all, it is important to choose the best area for building and such science as geography helps to cope with this task. It is important to pay attention to the core factors which affect the process of building: the type of the soil, the wind, precipitation, the possibility of the natural disasters, like flood, earthquake, etc. Then, another important related science is material science which touches upon such essential questions as the choice of the building materials and their improvement. Then, such branches of civil engineering as water resource and transportation engineering are aimed at the provision of the population with the water resources (dams, canals) and the objects connected with transportation (roads, stations, railways, bridges, etc).

Civil engineering is an interesting topic for discussion, because students can learn many new facts which touch upon this problem. When one is asked to prepare a case study on civil engineering, he is expected to research the topic deeper in order to get to know about the general aspects of the problem and then focus on the suggested topic of the case. A good case study is supposed to possess the correct structure, profound analysis of the problem, the cause and effect of the problem and the list of the best solutions to the problem which can defeat the problem presented in the case.

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