Case Study on Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia Case Study:

Claustrophobia is one of the anxiety disorders which is characterized with the phobia of closed and confined spaces. Alongside with agoraphobia claustrophobia is supposed to be one of the most widespread pathological fears. Claustrophobia is a specific disorder, because patients feel uncomfortable and even anxious in the closed places, for example, elevators, small rooms without windows, corridors, attics, basements, etc.

The characteristic feature of the people who suffer from claustrophobia is that they never close the door into the room and always try to be close to the exit in order to leave the room rapidly. The anxiety is even more serious when the person can not leave the place anytime she wants, for example, in elevator, plane or train carriage.

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The majority of people try to avoid elevators and go up and down by stairs. Moreover, claustrophobia is also characterized with the avoidance of the big crowd, because the person’s moves are limited there and the crowd gives the effect of the closed space. The most obvious causes of claustrophobia are the mental injures obtained in childhood. For example, the child could experience the car crash, being unable to escape from the car or a bus or a train carriage. When the patient is in the uncomfortable space, his heart starts beating rapidly, sweating increases, he starts shivering, faces dizziness, breathes heavily, etc. The most effective methods of treatment of claustrophobia are relaxation therapies, during which the patient learns controlling his emotions, stress and blocks his negative thoughts. After that the patient has to experience the inconvenient and stressful situation (enters the closed space) trying to survive it without the negative consequences.

Claustrophobia is a widespread phobia which is characterized with the fear of the closed spaces and the student is able to improve his knowledge about the issue observing the case on the disorder. It is important to learn about the origin and reasons of claustrophobia, its symptoms, complexity of the disorder, its influence on the human life and the methods which can be useful for the solution of this problem. In order to research the case successfully, the student should collect the up-to-date information about the patient and the complexity of his claustrophobia. After that one can think about the cause and effect of the disorder and suggest the techniques which would help him defeat the disorder once for all.

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