Case Study on Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Case Study:

Conflict of interest is the term related with law and it is associated with the situation when one of the sides of the bargain can receive serious profit, while another side can lose money. Moreover, conflict of interest is the phenomenon which is characterized with the different expectations concerning the result of the contract and this phenomenon is always connected with the hidden “dirty” motives of the one side of the bargain.

Conflict of interest can occur in every sphere of the human life, in medicine, education, crime and law, politics, etc. There are physicists, lawyers, teachers, politicians who use their position for the solution of their own problems. For example, if the layer or judge has enough power, he can influence the decision of the court and state that the criminal is not guilty. Most often such decisions are connected with bribery and are associated with the evil intentions of people to make dirty illegal money.

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The most dangerous type of conflict of interest is met in politics when politicians have wide human and material resources under their control and can use the resources for their own purposes. As a result conflict of interest causes such negative phenomena as corruption. Conflict of interest is a serious problem which affects the objectiveness of the decisions and activity of the officials. The juridical system of nearly every country has worked out a set of documents which are supposed to solve the problems of conflict of interests.

Conflict of interest is a serious issue which requires scrupulous research from the point of view of numerous disciplines, mainly sociology, psychology and law. When there is a problem on conflict of interest, it is possible to observe the problem in detail with the purpose to learn about the factors which have caused the problem and then evaluate its effect on the human relations, employee relations, the prosperity of the company or the work of its department where the conflict on interest occurred. The student is expected to analyze the problem objectively in order to demonstrate his knowledge and creativity and finally brainstorm an effective solution to the problem under research.

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Custom Case Study on Conflict of Interest

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