Case Study on Missed Abortion

Missed Abortion Case Study:

Missed abortion is a spontaneous pathological termination of pregnancy during the period of 28 weeks of pregnancy, though in the World Health Organization missed abortion is limited to 22 weeks. During the case of the missed abortion the fetus, which is surrounded by the amniotic fluid, exfoliates from the uterine wall and is released from the uterine cavity under the womb’s muscle contraction. Among the most widespread reasons of miscarriage are underdevelopment, inflammation, tumours of the women genitals, the dysfunction of ovary, infections and parasitic diseases (for example, influenza, toxoplasmosis, etc.). Miscarriage can occur because of the incompatibility of the woman’s and her fetus’ blood; intoxication which occurs in the second half of pregnancy; the durable impact of the negative factors on the environment, such as ionizing radiation, toxic fumes, etc. Sometimes miscarriage occurs because of the psychological instability of the woman, who survived abortion some time ago and surgery on her womb.

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It is quite natural that psychological problems can cause missed abortion, because the woman’s organism is extremely vulnerable to all sort of stress, so if something bad happens in the woman’s life, there is a risk of miscarriage. The frequency of missed abortions is about 15 – 20% and it is supposed to be the most serious complexity during the first period of pregnancy. Missed abortion does not always mean the interruption of pregnancy, because the on time and quality medical help can save the fetus. Without the professional support the fetus is lost and there is a threat to the health of the woman.

Missed abortion is a relevant problem which can be called the most frequent cause of the termination of pregnancy. There are many factors which cause miscarriage and the student is able to broaden his knowledge about the problem researching the definite case on it. The young professional has the chance to observe the cause and effect of missed abortion, study the methods which can prevent this process, save the fetus and maintain the quality of the pregnancy and the woman’s life. The student receives the opportunity to study the case from all sides, physiological and psychological ones interviewing the woman and physicists collecting facts about the case and thinking about the methods which can solve the issue on missed abortion efficiently.

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Custom Case Study on Missed Abortion

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