Case Study on Defect Management

Defect Management Case Study:

Defect management is the process of the detection, correction and prevention of the defects in the process of production. It is obvious that production is impossible about the certain defects, which spoil the quality of the product. Defects can occur because of the poor quality of the equipment, carelessness of employees and poor quality of the materials and the product itself.

Naturally, every businessman wants to reduce the percentage of defects and he carries out a special policy of defect management which is aimed to detect and prevent the defects in future.

The process of defect management is quite long and varied. It starts from the discovery of the defect. Every product is carefully checked and the experts who are responsible for the quality of the goods do not have the right to miss a defected product, otherwise it can be sold and dissatisfy the customer who purchases it. Then, there is the step of defect resolution. That means that the experts decide what can be done for the improvement of the product and the whole process of production.

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Generally, they are looking for the cause of the defect and try to brainstorm the most appropriate solution to it. Next, when the cause of the defect has been detected, the process of production is improved with the help of various means: change of the equipment, material, structure of the problematic product, etc. When the defect has been corrected, the process of further production is monitored attentively with the purpose to prevent further defects and make sure that the previous step of improvement was successful.

Defect management is the complicated activity which is aimed to improve the quality of production and reduce the percentage of its defects. Defect management case study is the profound investigation of a limited problem which focuses on the certain defect of a product of the chosen company. The student should collect information about the company, the type of its production, equipment, materials used for production, the type of the defect, the solution of the problem and its effectiveness. After the detailed analysis of the cause and effect of the problem on defect management students are able to present the sensible solutions and conclusions and evaluate the problem objectively.

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