Case Study on Department Stores

Department Store Case Study:

A department store is big store which sells products of the wide choice (the goods are both food products and industrial products). The first department stores appeared in France in the middle of the 19th century and since that time they have been spreading all over the world. More often department stores are situated in the separate houses and shopping malls.

The wide choice of products makes it possible for the customer to purchase everything he requires in the one place and it economizes time and makes shopping easier. For the convenience of the process of shopping customers are provided with the opportunity of self-service. They are wandering about the department store and looking for the goods they need with a basket. In comparison with the ordinary stores departments stores are more profitable, cause fewer problems and have higher circulation of goods. The owners of the department stores do not worry about the goods they sell, because the owner simply provides the territory or the building for the numerous companies which want to sell their products there.

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This means that the owner of the department store is a renter who makes money on renting the place for different companies. Naturally, a department store is a reasonable decision and it is cheaper to build a department store than to build several different stores. Nowadays department stores still exist but their popularity has been reducing because of the stores of the different type which are called supermarkets. They offer wider choice of products which can be found in the one place and people prefer them to the department stores.

A department store is an interesting topic for the analysis, because students learn about new types of stores and get to know about their differences and the types of customers they attract. A well-analysed department stores case study is a research of a certain case related with the definite department store or the department stores in the whole as the representative of the whole type of shops. The students are supposed to explain the structure of the store, define the manner of its functioning, production supply, circulation of goods, prices, strong and weak sides. In the end one should compare department stores to the other types of stores and predict their further development.

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