Case Study on Delegation of Authority

Delegation of Authority Case Study:

Delegation of authority is the process of transfer of the authority and opportunities of the manager to the subordinate representatives of the organization. The process of delegation of authority is quite a popular one and is widely practised in every organization: public and private, commercial and non-commercial.

When the manager of the institution has too much work in other departments or fields but the work should be done by the deadline, he can delegate authority to the close employees who are skilful, responsible and trustworthy enough to cope with the work effectively. Delegation of authority is on the one hand a negative action and on the other hand it has numerous pluses. To begin with, when the manager delegates authority, it can affect the productiveness and the quality of work, because the subordinate employees are not always capable to fulfill the suggested duties properly.

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Next, it is not always reasonable to entrust the serious and probably strategically important job to the subordinate employees, because they can be careless and not responsible enough to fulfill it correctly. On the other hand, it is quite sensible to delegate authority, because it develops employee’s independence, creativity, self-esteem and creativity and, as a result, the quality of his practice in future. Delegation of authority is closely connected with the sense of responsibility, because this factor is often the core one which influences the quality of and success of business.

Responsible manager and subordinate can trust one another and the first can rely on the latter in the serious questions. In the meantime the subordinate trains his skills for the further practice in this field and will probably become the manager in future.

Delegation of authority is an important action which helps the company to fulfill more work on time.

Delegation authority case study is the investigation of the certain problem in the definite case. The student is supposed to collect information about the case, the nature and factors of the problem, its cause and effect and suggest the best solutions to the problem. One should analyze the impact of delegation of authority in the case and draw the right conclusions summarizing the paper professionally.

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