Case Study on Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Case Study:

Wells Fargo is a banking company which offers financial and security services in the USA, Canada, etc and is one of the 1000 most profitable companies of the world. Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in the USA and is included into the Big Four of the banks of the country. The company is based in San Francisco and its headquarters are located there too.

Wells Fargo was established due to the unity of the Californian company Wells Fargo & Co with Norwest, the company from Minneapolis in 1998. The executives decided to keep the name of the company Wells Fargo, because it is a recognizable name which has more than 150 years of history and keep the symbol of the company in the form of a carriage. Having purchased Wachovia the company became the biggest creditor in the USA in 2009.

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Wells Fargo can boast of more than 6000 departments and 23 million clients according to the latest statistics. Wells Fargo applies a wise policy of diverse banking providing its clients with various services and satisfying their all possible needs. The company offers banking and financial as well as insurance services, which makes it multitasking and varied. Wells Fargo was the first bank which enabled its clients to get access to their finance with the assistance of the Internet. From 1995 the clients got the opportunity to make transactions, pay bills and taxes and manage securities using the Internet. Its reasonable policy and the number of services have made Wells Fargo one of the most successful banks of the US.

Wells Fargo is one of the most credible banks in the USA and students can devote time to investigate a few direct cases related with the activity of this financial institution. A good Wells Fargo case study should contain up-to-date information about the bank, provide the professor with the detailed quality analysis of the problem and suggest sensible solutions to the case. The student is supposed to research the case site sufficiently, learn about the problem which has occurred in the bank much and define the reasons which have caused to the problem and analyze its consequences. Finally, one is expected to evaluate the facts and solve the case on Wells Fargo professionally.

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