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E-Books Case Study:

An e-book is the electronic version of a book which can be read with the help of the personal computer, laptop, smart phones and special devices aimed for this purpose. E-books are often called e-texts, but there is a certain difference between these two terms. The access towards the e-book can be limited by the author and owner of the book, while the e-text can be easily found in the Internet and the access towards this source is never limited. Due to the existence of great number of e-books the phenomenon of e-library has become quite popular.

These libraries collect all possible e-books in the single database and offer them to the reader interested in these books. The phenomenon of electronic books and libraries has become quite widespread and it is natural paying attention to the level of the development of high technologies.

There are already many kinds of pocket devices which enable to read e-books everywhere without the harm for the human eyes (there are special technologies which have reduced the negative impact of the display on the eyesight).

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There are many advantages and disadvantages of the growing popularity of e-books and the most serious weak sides are: possible negative effect for the human eyes, the limited time of the accumulator of the device, the poor quality of illustrations and the low quantity of the books which have the digital format. Although there are minuses, one can easily find many pluses: the opportunity to read everywhere, the low cost of the book, the opportunity to find the required words and episodes at a moment’s notice and the opportunity to listen to the audio book.

The rapid development of technologies enabled to produce books in electronic versions and the major factors of this decision was the idea to save the environment (trees from deforestation) and to create the book which would not be spoilt during the years of usage (with the run of time the material paper books are spoilt). The student is able to prepare a quality case study and observe the effectiveness of electronic books on the definite example. The problem of the case always has the cause and the consequences and the student has to evaluate this information professionally and solve it well.

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