Case Study on Educational Administration

Educational Administration Case Study:

Educational administration is the complex of efforts which is supposed to organize the process of education in the appropriate way. The issue touches upon both aspects: material and intellectual ones. First of all the leader of the educational institution is supposed to organize the material background for the educational process and provide the school or college building with energy, water, various devices and equipment required for the normal activity.

The problem is quite difficult, because all the equipment and furniture has to meet the general requirements and suit to the student’s age and kind of their activity. Furthermore, there should be established the gyms and swimming pools for physical training lessons. The following aspect of the activity of administration is the attraction of the qualified teachers for the professional work and maintenance of the quality educational process. The level of the educational institution always depends on its teaching staff.

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If there are many top-certified PhD teachers and professors, the level and prestige of such institution is higher. As a result the college or university is able to receive grants and extra financing for the carrying out of the scientific research and development of the dominant disciplines.

Finally, educational administration is supposed to work for students and for the student’s convenience and advantage. It is important to organize the educational process well, create the right schedule, set the appropriate classes and complete educational programmes. Moreover, the administration should involve active teachers, students and parents into the management of the institution for the further improvement of the quality of education.

Educational administration is the important issue for the research, because the student is able to observe the rules and standards of the right organization of the educational institution and its functioning on the basis of the definite case. One can study the case attentively and find out about the cause of the problem on educational administration, its consequences and then brainstorm the effective solution to the problem. It is natural that the quality of the solution defines the student’s professional and critical thinking skills, so the quality of the case study depends on the quality of the facts and arguments collected by the student about the educational administration in the direct place.

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