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Ecommerce Case Study:

Ecommerce is the sphere in economics which includes financial and trade transactions, which are conducted with the help of the computer networks and the business processes which are connected with these transactions. The first systems of ecommerce appeared in the second half of the 20th century with the development of the process of automated trade. The first companies which enabled customers purchase and book tickets were the airway companies, which made the process of booking and buying tickets easier, faster and more available for the common people. Today ecommerce is conducted with the help of the various devices and means. First of all there are mobile devices, telephones, social media, email, etc.

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The whole ecommerce is based on the use of the Internet, which enables transactions, data processing and marketing all over the world. It is not a problem to purchase something being on the opposite part of the planet at a moment’s notice. There are several types of ecommerce, which define the sides of the process of marketing. First of all it is the business to business model of ecommerce, when one company trades with the other (the most common example of such commerce is the sale of the model of a website to another company which wants to use this web design). The nest type is business to consumer ecommerce. Here a company sells goods and service directly to a client. Finally, the last type is consumer to consumer ecommerce (the brightest examples of such commerce is the Internet auction).

Students who are going to become successful economists in future are supposed to know about ecommerce as much as possible, because it is becoming more and more popular nowadays. One should get to know about the means and types of ecommerce to know about its nature, structure, methods and principles. When one is aware of these basic things, he will be able to solve the suggested problem in the case study. A student should try to find out ad much data as possible about the cause of the problem (he can collect data in the web or take advantage of interviewing) and its consequences. In the end, one will have to summarize the paper and share his ideas about the solution of the problem with the reader.

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