Case Study on Database Management System

Database Management System Case Study:

Database management system is the complex software which is aimed at the management of the information stored in the database effectively. A high-quality management system helps organize, manipulate, transform, store, retrieve and create data professionally. It is important that the whole information kept in the database could be accessible, manageable, and easy for manipulation. A successful DBMS should possess a strict logical structure, which enables everyone to find the required data easily. The high-quality management system gives the opportunity for the user to change the required information without any harm to the whole application. Database management systems are extremely important today, because the humanity lives in the age of information and the whole information is kept in databases which require professional skilful management and flexibility.

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Every organization, private and public, connected with business or not possesses the necessary information which is essential for its proper functioning. The information is supposed to be stored in security and only the employees of an organization can have access to it. The idea of a good database management system is to make the work of an organization easier, faster and of higher quality, because the easier and the faster the access to the data is, the faster the work will be. Moreover, if the information becomes out-of-date, the experts can modify it and introduce the necessary changes to make it valid.

In order to cope with the database management system case study a student is expected to read a lot on the topic to improve his knowledge about it. Only after the student has mastered the topic, he will be able to solve the suggested problem in the case study. A case resembles a certain puzzle or a problem which occurred at a certain organization and caused negative impact on its work. One should collect the required information about database management system for the detailed analysis and find out about the factors which can be called the reason of the problem. After that a student can try to analyze the effect of the problem on the functioning of the organization and think over a few reliable and professional solutions to it.

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