Case Study on Effective Teamwork

Effective Teamwork Case Study:

Effective teamwork is the appropriate distribution of the labour force and intellectual tasks among the members of the single group for the quality fulfilment of the certain job. Naturally, the teamwork is the essential phenomenon of the human society which demonstrates that people are the social creatures. There is hardly a person who can exist without other people, because a human requires communication and all forms of the social relations.

Teamwork is the activity which is fulfilled by a group of people to reach the certain aim as it is easier and faster to work in a group than alone. Teamwork has always existed in the human society and probably the human civilization would never have been build without the ability of people to cooperate. Cooperation is important in all the fields of the human activity: business, education, politics, economics, science, etc. In fact, it is quite difficult to construct the natural and healthy effective teamwork, which would make the work easier, as there are cases that the disability to organize the group work ruins the whole job.

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So, the most important rules of the organization of the effective teamwork are: the distribution of the work should be equal to the member’s physical and intellectual abilities; there should be a team leader who will organize the work well; the effectiveness of the work depends on the ability to cope with stress and emotional breakdowns; every member should be responsible for the result of the whole work; every member should do his part of the work perfectly well for the sake of the whole work.

Effective teamwork is the main factor of the success of any work. The student is able to research the problem deeper and focus on the definite case and demonstrate all the peculiarities of the effective teamwork on it. In order to understand the issue profoundly, the student will need to read about the effective teamwork and its principles more. If one possesses enough knowledge about the problem, it will be easier to detect the strong and the weak sides of the work of the chosen team and probably recognize the cause of the ineffectiveness and its result. The student is expected to solve the case professionally and suggest the methods which would improve the work of the team.

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