Case Study on Educational Technology

Educational Technology Case Study:

Educational technology is the complicated system of the creation, management and application of the process of education based on the technical and human factors and their interrelation. In general, educational technology is the policy and system of methods which are aimed to make the process of education completely controlled and predictable.

The problem of the improvement of the quality of education has always existed in the society, because it is quite difficult to invent the ideal approach to every child and create the general standard system which would train student’s knowledge and develop his skills. Due to the hard work and innovations of the talented pedagogues it has become possible to systematize the experience in the field of education and define its direct aspects. Every educational system is supposed to be integrated, structured, functional, communicative, possess relations with history and traditions.

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Speaking about the educational technology one should understand that it is a set of the teaching practices and methods which are used to captivate student’s attention, make his learn something and behave well. The methods of educational technology are differed, but mainly have the psychological background of persuasion and attraction of the student’s attention. It is important to be able to communicate with students, make them believe you and respect you. If the teacher gains student’s respect and credit, it is a success. In addition, if the student respects the teacher, he is always concentrated, absorbs material well and studies faster.

Educational technology is a difficult and controversial issue which does not have the single standard or rule as every teacher strives to contribute into the technology something new which would be called the alternative approach aimed at the improvement of the educational process.

While researching the educational technology case study, the student should be aware about the different technologies and methods of teaching in order to be able to criticize or support the chosen technology suggested for the case study. The main task of the student is to dwell on the cause and effect of the problems which occur in the selected educational technology. He should evaluate the strong and weak sides of the technology and try to improve it according to his own understanding of the ideal educational process.

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