Case Study on Family Conflict

Family Conflict Case Study:

A family conflict is a conflict which occurs between the members of the single family and most often it is understood as the quarrel between the representatives of different generations. A family is the core of the human society and everyone belongs to the certain family where he was born and grew up. Obviously, a human being is an emotional creature which has her own point of view, desires and ambitions, so when the opinions of several people do not meet – conflicts appear. One of the most common types of conflicts is a family conflict, because the human being spends more than a half of her time with her relatives. It is natural that there are misunderstandings between parents, parents and children and between children.

Conflicts between children can be called a norm, because it is a part of the child’s life and it is useful for him face conflicts with his brother or sister in order to get prepared to the grownup life.

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The conflicts between parents occur very frequently and sometimes they are accompanied with physical and psychological abuse. The roots of such conflicts can be found in alcoholism, drug abuse, unemployment, poverty, jealousy, etc. and very often serious conflicts of this type are resolved with the help of a divorce. The conflicts between parents and children exist in every family and they occur because of the misunderstanding and different worldview of parents and young people. The majority of the family conflicts can be solved easily and the only important thing which is required for it is cooperation and the common wish to solve the problem together.

Family conflict is the most widespread type of conflicts which occurs within the one family and its members. If the student is interested in the research of the problem on family conflict and its resolution, he is able to prepare a case study about it and observe the case in detail. It is reasonable to learn about the case as much as possible, study the type of the family, observe its members and their occupation and age, think about the cause and effect of the conflict and think about the sensible resolution of the conflict which would satisfy the two sides of the quarrel.

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