Case Study on Mall Management

Mall Management Case Study:

Mall management is the complex of actions aimed at the appropriate organization of the structure of a mall and its components. A mall is a big shopping centre which embraces several or one big building which include a great number of stores, restaurants, resting areas, cinema theatres and other objects which serve for the satisfaction of the client’s needs.

Obviously, nowadays malls can be called the most popular places which connect people who want to purchase something and spend time with pleasure. It is possible to buy the goods of all possible types in the one building and to have a snack and good rest, no wonder, the popularity of malls can not be overestimated. Of course, it is not easy to manage such a huge building without the special knowledge and experience in the sphere of marketing. Many people think that a mall is a random complex of stores, but the truth is the opposite one, because mall management is a complicated science which requires knowledge of social sciences, psychology and ethics.

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All the objects of a mall are located in the strict order as everything has its definite place in the building in order to attract the client’s attention all the time and to make him stay at the mall as long as possible. The mall is managed by the professionals who are good at the human psychology and use the right symbols, smells, sounds, music and colours to attract the visitor’s attention persuading him spending money at the mall. Moreover, mall management touches upon such issues as energy supply, protection of the visitors and staff of the mall and maintenance of the cleanness, peace and order in the building.

Mall management is the process of the reasonable and logical organization of the objects placed in the mall with the aim of making more money and attracting more clients. The student who has decided to dwell on the problem of writing a good case study about the issue on mall management should read about the organization of the shopping mall, learn about the rational location of the stores and restaurants there, pay attention to the knowledge and skills which are required for the professional mall management. One can observe the problem on the definite example analyzing the cause and effect of the mall under research.

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