Case Study on Gay Adoption

Gay Adoption Case Study:

Gay adoption is the issue which is connected with the fact that the single-sex couples adopt and bring up children with the same rights and duties as the ordinary couples. Gay adoption is permitted only on the territories of a several countries and the single-sex couples all over the world demand to provide them with the chance to adopt children and bring them up in the appropriate way.

Unfortunately, the reasons which prevent gays from adopting children are weird and are motivated with the simple statement that the couple should be in the legal family union, and it is known that single-sex marriages are prohibited in the majority of the countries of the world. According to the statistics gay adoption does not affect the quality of the bringing up negatively. Most of the couples take care of children in the appropriate way and very often their attitude towards children is even better and more responsible than the attitude of the regular families.

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In addition gays are more likely to adopt ‘difficult’ children, children with HIV, disabled children, etc. It is obvious that the percent of the children who become gays after bringing up in the gay families is lower than of the ordinary families. According to the statistics the development, physical and intellectual abilities of children brought up in the single-sex families is the same as in the common families, so there are no ethical, economic, physical and other reasons to deprive gay families of the chance to adopt a child. Furthermore, if there is a chance to provide the child with the loving and caring parents, it is hypocritical to deprive them of parents just because they are gays.

Gay adoption is a controversial topic for the discussion, because it depends on the culture, traditions and religious views of the people of the country. When the student decides to investigate the case on gay adoption, he is supposed to explain the issue in detail, find out about the positive and negative sides of this adoption and research the definite case from all sides. One should interview the gay family who has adopted the child, analyze their attitude towards the child and prove that the latter is brought up in the favourable atmosphere. In general one should study about the cause and effect of the gay adoption and demonstrate the issue objectively.

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