Case Study on GM Crops

Genetically Modified Crops Case Study:

Genetically modified crops are the plants whose DNA has been modified by genetic engineering.

Nowadays genetic engineering has become the essential part of the modern scientific research and the results and innovations in genetic engineering are applied in numerous spheres of the human life, especially in agriculture. The introduction of genetic engineering into agriculture is connected with the serious and relevant problem of overpopulation and growing hunger. More and more people require food to survive and the ordinary natural crops are not so productive to feed the whole planet.

In addition, because of the human harmful impact on the environment, the ecological situation has changed and the climate of numerous parts of the world has altered. As a result, the crops which have been the regular plant in the certain regions do not grow there in the appropriate way, because the temperature or the humidity of the area is not the same as it used to be.

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Genetically modified crops are the answer to the threat of hunger and collapse of the global agriculture. The crops are modified with the genes of other plants and various organisms in order to make them more productive, resistant towards the unfavourable and even disastrous weather and climate. Furthermore, genetically modified crops resist the diseases; they are protected from the impact of insects and other organisms which usually destroy crops. Finally, genetically modified crops are cheaper and it can be the best way out in the current situation of the global crisis, where everything is expensive. With the help of the cheap and productive GM crops it is possible to feed our overpopulated planet.

GM crops can be called quite a serious topic for the research, because the issue is very controversial, as there are supporters and opponents of the genetic engineering. The student who has decided to research the definite case on GM crops should study the problem in detail and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the genetic engineering. One is supposed to investigate the case site, pay attention to the GM crops, analyze their characteristics, think about the possible negative impact on the human health, etc. Finally, the student is expected to evaluate the usefulness of the selected GM crop objectively and decide whether it is right to alter the DNA of the plant or not.

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