Case Study on Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism Case Study:

Hypothyroidism is the negative condition which is based on the extremely low production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are generally produced by the thyroid gland with the help of iodine, that is why if one consumes food poor in iodine, he will surely have troubles with thyroid. Iodine can be found in the sea salt, seafood, fish and bread, so one should remember about the consumption of these products. So, because of the shortage of thyroid hormones people complain on the lack of energy, tiredness, slow reaction, which reduces the quality and the quantity of the human’s work. Moreover, people complain on the reduction of memory, quality of nails, the increase of the body weight and dryness of skin. The shortage of thyroid hormones causes problems with metabolism and the described symptoms appear. Hypothyroidism is more frequently met among women, but the frequency of the condition among men is also quite high.

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So, hypothyroidism is caused by the wrong work of the thyroid gland which can not produce enough hormones, from the poor ecological situation in the world. Because of pollution, contamination and radiation the work of gland is disturbed and such problems as hypothyroidism occur. Furthermore, the condition occurs under the effect of the certain medicine used for the treatment of various diseases (medicine which reduce the production of hormones). Sometimes, hypothyroidism occurs with the birth of the child. The condition is treated in different ways, as it is important to define its reason, but generally it is cured by the medicine based on the hormones.

Hypothyroidism is becoming more widespread every year, because the ecological situation of the planet and the quality of food is getting worse. The process of case study writing is quite a difficult one, because a student should possess deep knowledge about the hypothyroidism to be able to analyze the direct problem suggested in the case study. A case study should be logically-composed, interesting, informative and supported by the high-quality up-to-date evidence. One will need to get to know about the reason of the condition and the consequences of hypothyroidism or its impact on the patient. Moreover, one should value whether the process of treatment is the effective one and should suggest his own solution to the problem to demonstrate his knowledge.

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