Case Study on Land Pollution

Land Pollution Case Study:

Land pollution is the littering and contamination of the land resources and soil with industrial and domestic wastes. Human activity influences the ecological situation of the planet negatively. People use the resources of the planet, spoil, ruin and pollute it in different ways. Land pollution is generally connected with the unreasonable use of the land resources and its chaotic littering. Vast territories are used for the purpose of dumping, that means the litter and all sorts of wastes are transported from the cities, towns and villages to the places chosen for the dump. It is obvious that such dumps spoil the countryside, the soil and pollute air with the gases produced by the wastes.

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Then, land is seriously polluted by agriculture. Today it is impossible to grow enough plants to provide all the people with food products without the usage of fertilizers and pesticides, which contaminate the soil and the plant as a result. Besides, pesticides which get into the soil contaminate water and underground streams causing serious diseases and even deaths of people.

Land is polluted by heavy industry and mining. When some resources are found, the place is generally transformed into the mine and vast territories of soil which can be used for agriculture are polluted by the wastes and the minerals from these mines. Land pollution does not only spoil the picturesque views of the wild nature, but is also dangerous for the human health and for the life of animals, because vast dumps are the source of the diseases and epidemics.

Pollution and land pollution in particular is one of the biggest problems the humanity has created for itself. A successful land pollution case study should be based on the deep background knowledge of the student about the problem. In order to complete a successful case study a student will need to collect interesting and true-to-life information investigating the suggested case in the Internet or just in the boarders of his town. It is important to find the cause of the problem which has caused pollution on the certain territory and weigh its consequences. One can interview the people living not far from the case site or find the data in the web. In the end, one is supposed to provide the professor with the effective solution of the problem illustrating knowledge and professional skills.

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