Case Study on Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Case Study:

Intellectual property is the legal personal right of the authors to use and possess the results of their intellectual work and no one can use these results without the permission of the author. Today the humanity lives in the form of the information society where material values are no longer the single subjects of property. Modern writers, musicians, artists and theoretical scientists are the most frequent owners of the some kind of the intellectual property. For example, a musician has written the song and someone else has stolen or simply changed the text and music a bit on his own manner. Evidently, the pieces of music are mostly the same and there is a conflict. Both the first and the second musician try to convince the other that he is the real owner and the author of the song.

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The same problem exists in visual arts. For example, the painter has painted a portrait of a woman and someone used the image and started to produce a lot of goods like teapots, cups, posters with the decorated with this image without the permission of the painter. The most widespread and the most serious cases connected with intellectual property appear in the environment of the scientists and education. Sometimes it happens that a scientist has invented something and his sketches and papers were stolen and published by someone else. Such conflicts are really dramatic, because it is often difficult to prove that you are the real owner of the property. So, when one has created a piece of the intellectual property, he should register it with the assistance of the lawyer and he will be protected from the result of any incident, like stealth and illegal use of the property by someone else.

Students who write various academic papers often try to cheat their teachers and steal or simply plagiarize the intellectual property of various scholars downloading their papers in the Internet and using the data in their own research. A student who is writing an intellectual property case study should investigate the topic scrupulously to be aware of all the aspects of the problem. A good case study should be well-planned, well-analyzed and describe the problem from all sides illustrating its cause and effect sides. A student should also brainstorm interesting and effective methods which can protect people’s intellectual property.

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