Case Study on Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Case Study:

Osteoporosis is the complicated disease of bones or the syndrome which is the result of other diseases which reduces the quality of bones and increases the chance of their fracture. There are many factors, which can cause osteoporosis in a human being. First of all it is the age, as with the run of time the organs, including bones lose their quality and the disease appears. Then, certain people have the genetic weakness to the disease. For example, the representatives of the European race are considered to be the most vulnerable to osteoporosis. Then, women are three times more vulnerable than men and should be very careful with their life style. There is the risk for the slim women whose weight is lower than 56 kilo and height over 172 cm to gain osteoporosis in the mature age.

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Moreover, all these factors are supported by the drug and alcohol abuse, smoking, coffee, the lack of the vitamin D, the lack of physical activity, etc. The most tragic result of osteoporosis is the fragility of the bones which can be broken from the slightest fall and hit. The person does not know she has osteoporosis for many years, till she breaks something. It is possible to detect osteoporosis with the help of the x-ray and just to measure the density of the bones.

Osteoporosis is a very urgent problem, because nearly every elder person suffers from it. Evidently, fractures experienced by elder people are cured much longer and more efforts should be taken to return the person to the normal life. Young people, who are going to prepare a case study on osteoporosis, should read a lot to get to know about the disease and be able to describe its symptoms, its cause and effect. The best way to prepare a good case study on the topic is to research the problem well, interview the patient and collect as much data as possible to provide the teacher with the reliable evidence which support your point of view. It is important to point out the most essential moments researching the problem to be able to offer good methods which can cure or prevent osteoporosis.

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