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Management Case Study:

Management is the complicated system of actions and policies which enable one control an organization of any kind. Management is mostly associated with economics and business and no wonder, because every firm and company can exist successfully only due to the skillful control of a well-trained manager. Every branch and sphere of business is operated and controlled by a particular manager who is responsible for the finance of the firm, its employees, their training and recruitment, resource and energy supply, accounting, etc. Of course, there is a main manager who controls the work of the other managers and he is called a chief manager. A good manager of any rank should possess a great number of the specific qualities essential for his successful work and career making.

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First of all, a good manager should be communicative, well-educated, friendly, just, tolerant, sociable, able to encourage the employees and correct their work peacefully and professionally, possess knowledge about human psychology (for good communication with companions, customers, etc. and to train or recruit employees), and the most important treat people according to the quality of their work but not to their social status; he must not show preferences to the certain employees and neglect the others. Evidently, it is impossible to possess all these qualities but a good manager should strive to do his best to achieve success at the workplace for the profit of the company.

Today the profession of a manager has become very popular, but many applicants for this position forget about the responsibility and hard work they are expected to fulfill. When a student has to complete a case study on management he has to improve his general knowledge about the topic to be able to analyze the case itself further. One should understand the definition of the term, research the types and methods of management and then collect data for case study writing. A student will have to read articles and textbooks, encyclopedias and journals connected with business and management to collect information about the suggested case. If the case is based on the work of the local organization, a student will be asked to go there and interview the employees and managers and enrich their knowledge and experience.

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