Case Study on Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy Case Study:

Narcolepsy is the neurological disease, which is characterized with the interruption of the function of the human brain to regulate the processes of sleeping and waking up. Narcolepsy is related to hypersomnia, the disorder based on the extremely long terms of day-sleeping. People have problems with sleeping at night but are extremely vulnerable to day-sleeping. They are always tired and sleepy and devote much time of the day to this process. Narcolepsy is generally spread among the young people, mostly men. The disorder has the genetic nature but the reasons or causes of narcolepsy are not known yet. According to the most reasonable idea of the experts in this sphere narcolepsy develops gradually because of the shortage of orexins or hypocretins, the neurotransmitters which regulate the brain function of waking up.

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The disorder can not be cured nowadays, because of the lack of knowledge about it but there are remedies which can reduce its negative effect to the minimum. Narcolepsy is characterized with the specific form of sleeping. When the person falls asleep, her muscles become paralyzed but the person still hears and understands everything, although the muscle tone is lost. The disorder causes negative effect on the human emotions, because the patient faces fear and lives in the constant anxiety.

Narcolepsy is quite a rare disorder and generally men are its targets, but a student who wants to become a successful psychologist should learn about it as much as possible to get to know about the human brain and its problems more. Narcolepsy like any other neurological disorder is an interesting topic for the analysis, so if a student has chosen to analyse it, he should read much about it to understand the process well. A well-analyzed narcolepsy case study should be based on deep knowledge, so a student should take advantage of the articles and reliable encyclopaedias to improve it. One should research the case site and analyze the suggested problem of the case and define its cause. In order to do it one can collect data in different ways, like interviewing or simple data collection from the web or a book. Then, one should analyze the effect of the disorder on the human brain and emotions and summarize the paper professionally.

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